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May 30, 2018 by Tiffany Brooks

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Interview with Tiffany Brooks, REALITY GOLD

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
Reality Gold is the starting point for two different series. One of them is a series that follows other characters from Reality Gold as they go off on new adventures, and the other one is a series that plays with the idea of characters challenging their reality. 
Do you have a favorite character?
I identified most with Riley. Her outward life is not like mine at all—except that we both live in San Francisco—but her inner life is all me. That being said, Maren and AJ were both a lot of fun to write. 
Have you ever had a minor character evolve into a major one? Did that change the direction of the novel at all? 
Yes, I’d say both Maren and AJ were minor characters during the early drafts. I always thought it was funny to hear authors say that their characters came alive and moved the story, but I really did find that to be true—they both kept popping up in unexpected spots and working their way deeper into the story. 
If you used a graphic designer/publisher’s designer, how involved were you during the creative process for your cover? 
I’d been an admirer of my cover artist for a long time. Her name is Jill DeHaan and she does amazing work, so I was excited when she took on my project. I gave her some samples of covers I liked, and we talked about mood and plot, but then she came up with the design all on her own. 
Do you belong to a critique group? Have they helped improve your writing?
Definitely. I love my critique group, and sometimes it’s impossible for an author to pick up on dropped plots or a character’s misstep and that’s where a great critique group is essential. It’s great when you can get to the point with a writing group where people are comfortable enough to know the characters and are willing to point out cracks in the manuscript. 
What is your writing process? Do you listen to music or do you like silence?
I like having music on when I write. Whenever I hear a song, it always brings up memories so when I wrote this book I made a playlist of songs from my teen years—songs that immediately brought me back in time and made me feel as if I was going through the same things my characters were going through. 
Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
I really need an outline. I never really stick to it, but I need a road map giving me landmarks or else I can really go off on a tangent. 
Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
Yes, Reality Gold is for sale on Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kobo, and Apple.
Do you find it difficult to juggle your time between marketing your current book and writing your next book?
Yes, and that’s something that really surprised me. I was not expecting the time commitment needed for so many things that happen outside the writing of the book! 
Besides writing, do you have any other passions? 
Reading! I’m also a little bit nuts about my pets, and I have jars and jars of seaglass all over my house. Sometimes I’ll arrange them by color or layer them in stripes. I get a lot of ideas when my mind is focused on things like that. I do a lot of jigsaw puzzles, too. 
Some fun facts about you, which do you prefer – dogs or cats? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee or Tea? Talk or Text? Day or Night? 
I have both dogs and cats, so I can’t choose :)
Definitely chocolate, coffee and texting over talking for sure, and I’m a night owl! That question made me think of a quote from A Wrinkle in Time—“Wild nights are my glory.” I don’t know about “wild” nights, but I do prefer nighttime to morning.