So You Want To Be A Star?

Jun 05, 2016 by Tiffany Brooks

Every time a reality show comes on tv, I spend half the show wondering how the contestants even knew how to audition for the show in the first place. Various family members swear if only they knew how to audition, they'd be on that baking show, building fires on that survival show or running naked and unafraid through the woods. I never believe them, so if they ever decide to prove me wrong, I found a list of casting sites for all kinds of reality shows. As for me, no thank you. I'll just bring my laptop and observe. 


Discovery Channel Family Survival Show:

The Discovery Channel is casting for a new show here featuring families. Looks like they want participants with some internal strife going on who are willing to reconnect through the show’s challenges. 


Teen Survival Show:

You don’t need your family for this one—you just need to be willing to live off the grid. Think you can handle it? Click here


Teen Model Reality Show:

If you’re a girl between 12 and 16 who has always wanted to be a model, the producers of Undercover Boss are creating a new Teen Model show. The only catch is they want girls who already have headshots and a portfolio, AND a mom interested in managing her. If you and your mom fit that description, this show might be for you.


MTV “Teenaged and Engaged” Reality Show:

MTV is casting for a docu-reality show with teens who are married or are planning to get married. If you’re willing to share the journey from engagement to altar with the world, take a look here


Teen Divorce Reality Show:

If you married young and you’re headed for divorce, this show wants you to share your story to help other teens avoid the same mistakes.


“Reinvented” Reality Show:

If you are looking to undergo a major transformation in your life, this show might help make that happen. If you like the shows Made and True Life, this show sounds similar. 


Food Network Stars Kids: Want to be the first kid to get your own cooking show? If you’ve got the kitchen chops and a certain amount of style, consider auditioning for this show by clicking here

“Master Chef Junior”:

Filming in late June in Chicago, this show is looking for kids between 8 and 13.


“Cutthroat Kitchen” for Teens:

Cutthroat Kitchen is looking for fun, talented seniors to compete in the latest installment of this show. Check it out here


“Teen Chef vs. Chef” Reality Show:

This new reality show is filming in Orlando in July. Try out here as a contestant or a judge.